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Widening participation in Scottish HE - Shared screen with speaker view
Georgina Cairns
hello All
Georgina Cairns
apologies for my late arrival
Catherine Reid
I would love to know more about that testing program - what tests do you use, and what do you do with the testing information?
Luke Millard
Hi Catherine, we are leading some work through a QAA Collaboartive Cluster. More information here https://www.enhancementthemes.ac.uk/resilient-learning-communities/flexible-and-accessible-learning/personalised-approaches-to-resilience-and-community
Anne Scrimgeour
Abertay's access programme is brilliant - I started on the AHEAD programme in 2001 and now have a PhD and teach at Dundee university. Thanks Abertay!!
Ron Wilcox
Fab comment Anne, thanks for adding that reflection
Catherine Reid
Thanks Luke! I would love to chat sometime about the nitty gritty of this assessment!
Luke Millard
That's great to hear Anne, thanks. AHEAD and other access elements are now being linked with our microcredential developments so evolution will continue to enable that academic and social integration for our students
Jacqui Hutchison
I think role models are essential - people believe they can succeed when they can see others like themselves having come through the process. So Anne I'm sure/hope you tell your students your journey!
Georgina Cairns
Anne - we are colleagues at Dundee and I think you are teaching students in the Gateway to Med programme. I am programme lead. Maybe we can touch base sometime to explore some ideas on improving our WP practices ?
Anne Scrimgeour
yes, absolutely.
Sheona Mathewson
Thanks for all this - really useful to hear from everyone - unfortunately I have to leave to go to another meeting. Hope you can share the recording later. Thanks Sheona
Cate Kennedy
Is a key part about building this into the curriculum rather than as an additional activity? I'm thinking back to my time at QMU (formerly QMUC) where they has credit bearing modules on essential skills as part of a programme which incorporated academic skills and other social/cultural development aspects
Claire Gammie
Hi Ann, I am the Widening Access Officer for Abertay and reach out to let people know about the AHEAD programme - I'd love to have a chat with you about your experience - Perhaps share your success with others?
Lesley Dunbar
Absolutely Mairi, showing student success is really important. At SWAP we use our SWAP students a lot for this, it gives confidence and inspiration to adult returners thinking of making a change in their lives and going back to education.
Luke Millard
I do think so Cate. We need to show how much we value the development of those foundation skills for student success and the most obvious currency is academic credit
Anne Scrimgeour
Yes @Claire Gammie, I would be happy to
Jacqui Hutchison
I think Adrian's point is so important about not assuming students want to stick out. But we do need to find the balance between letting students integrate while making sure they are aware of the support that is available.
Amy Angus
Sorry, I have to leave now. Hope to catch up via the recording later. Thanks, all.
Jacqui Hutchison
We've done some work around lecture capture and the benefits for WP students in a QAA Collaborative cluster. I think when on campus lectures return in full this is an important element particularly for WP students who may face additional challenges when it comes to attendance.
Luke Millard
The campus experience is vital = builds all that sense of belonging and confidence. Blended should free up space on campus, so how do we redesign the campus to ensure students want to come here.
Luke Millard
absolutely - that peer to peer learning is vital.
Megan Brown
The cameras on/off issue is a real challenge. One idea I've seen have some success is to start a session with a quick activity in breakout rooms. People tend to be more likely to switch their cameras on in smaller groups, and then often when they come back to the main room they keep them on and also feel more confident to contribute after a bit of 'practice' in the smaller groups. But I appreciate this format isn't always possible, particularly when you're limited on time.
Lesley Dunbar
A mixture of feedback from SWAP students - negatives have been lack of face to face support from peers and tutors but big positive is the flexibility that blended learning has given for students who are juggling family/work responsibilities.
linzi Ellis
I think its important students learn the skills need for blended learning while at school, college and university . Many employers look like they will be adopting the mixture of working at home and office. So throughout their future careers they will be communicating through zoom etc.
Cate Kennedy
Is there value in linking some of the needs of WP with those of growing numbers of international students? social, cultural, academic etc.? recognising value of establishing common ground the from the start for all students
Thomas Bak
Re cameras off, I am now sending an email to the students before the first session of an online course explaining to them why it is so important to have the camera on. I tell them about my past experience in which students themselves were telling me at the end of the course how important it was for them to see each other: to see people online is at least as important for the interaction between the students themselves as between the students and lecturers.
Luke Millard
Good point Laura and that is why we need to make sure our curriculum/processes from teh outset focuses upon developing thsoe skills and not assuming that all student have them.
Patricia Anderson
It would be good if all Scottish universities could agree to use the same terminology on their websites etc regarding contextualised admissions as some institutions refer to minimum entry requirements others adjusted enter requirements or contextual entry etc. This is confusing for potential applicants at the moment.
Claire Gammie
Thank you everyone - really interesting session
Anne Scrimgeour
Thanks everyone
linzi Ellis
Thank you
Lynn Brown
Thank you
Emma Paterson
Thanks everyone!