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Connection matters: the importance of human connection
As humans, our relationships are important and we thrive when we feel a sense of connection in our daily lives. In education, connection extends beyond this idea of social connectedness to include the deep connections required to make learning effective. However, it can be hard to form these deeper connections in today’s world. This talk will look at the importance of deep connection in learning and techniques we can use to maximise our own and our learners’ sense of connectedness. In this webinar, I will show you how Speakout 3e can be used to help your students use English to build deeper connections in their learning and in life.

Product: Speakout 3rd edition

Who is this webinar for?: English teachers in Japan (University/High School/Private Language School)

Speaker: Antonia Clare

Language: English

このウェビナーでは、学習における深い繋がりの重要性と、先生方と学習者の繋がりを最大化するために使えるテクニックをご説明します。新しいSpeakout 3rd Editionを使って、学習者がどのように、学習や生活の中でより深い繋がりを構築することができるかをご紹介します。

ご紹介する教材: Speakout 3rd edition


講演者: Antonia Clare (Speakout co-author)



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Antonia Clare
Antonia Clare is an English language teacher trainer, international conference speaker and author. Her special interests include the psychology of language learning, creativity and art. She has taught and trained in many countries around the world, and co-authored bestselling course book titles including Total English and Speakout and Teachers’ Resource titles such as The Creative Teacher’s Compendium. She is a freelance writer and a consultant trainer with NILE, and is currently working on a book about Positive Language Education.